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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Chores and baseball

Watched today's game while cleaning out my kitchen. Yes the man of the house doing the cleaning. And the cooking (altough half the time my lazy ass will order takeout). What does my woman do? Sleep.

I'll give you a little insight into my living situation. I live with my girlfriend (and soon to be fiancee once I get around to proposing) and her 12 year old son. She works nights, so she sleeps during the day. Couple this with the fact that I work full time (during the day like all the other normal people) and am currently attending grad school, and a lot of the little household chores pile up and get put off for the weekend.

And a lot of times I'm the one doing them.

So some weekends I find myself catching up, doing laundry, fixing stuff up, vacuming, etc. Not a problem during February and March, since there is very little sports going on and the weather sucks anyway. But once baseball season starts I'm forced to multi-task.

So at 1:20 pm today I found myself wiping down countertops, sipping on a beer, and keeping an eye on the game. How's that for multi-tasking?

Domestic duties aside, today's game was a good one. Big Z was lights out, going 7 and 1/3 and only giving up 1 hit and walking 2. There was an "oh shit, not again" moment in the first inning when Big Z started shaking his right arm and called out Dusty and head trainer Rick Reed to the mound. They talked for a little bit, and Z threw a couple of warm-up pitches. He had an "this ain't too bad" expression on his face during the warmup toss (Gotta love how Z wears his emotions on his sleeve. He must suck at poker though) and then gave Dusty and Reed an "I'm cool" head nod. Dusty and Reed returned to the dugout and Z went on to blow away Junior Spivey on three straight pitches.

Apparently Z got a cramp in his arm. According to Dusty, this has happened before and is no biggie. Just the words I wanted to hear. Don't need another pitcher on the shelf with arm trouble. Altough I think that if Z screwed up his arm, he'd be hard-headed enough to just pitch through it until his arm fell off.

Dusty put LaTroy in in the 9th inning to close the game. It was a non-save situation but I'm guessing the Duster wanted to give Troy a confidence booster after blowing the game yesterday. Troy actually got through it 1-2-3, altough Spivey took him to the warning track in leftfield for the final out. Had the wind been blowing out that would have been yet another gopher ball given up by Troy. With 2 outs no less. Despite that Troy did a good job preserving a one-hit shutout and dealing the Brew Crew their first loss of the season. Hopefully this easy inning will go a ways towards giving the man enough confidence to improve his performance as a closer.

I'm not counting on it.


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