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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Bombs Away

I actually had the opportunity to attend last nights game between the Mets and the Cubs, thanks to some free tickets from my boss. Sitting in the first row of Section 505 I witnessed one of the better played Cub games of the season, a 7-0 win. Some thoughts:

  • Watching the game I got a 2004 flashback, as the team scored 5 of its 7 runs by way of the long ball, including three solo shots. Now I don't have any problem with the team hitting lots of homeruns, but I'd hate for them to be dependant on the long ball for scoring like they were last year. Right now it looks like they're headed in that direction yet again.
  • Corey Patterson hit two homers, giving him 8 for the season. Further proof that he has no business batting leadoff. Right now Corey has a .294 OBP-kinda low for leadoff-has attempted only 2 stolen bases, and is second in the team with 8 HR's, all of them solo. Dusty should have Corey in either the 3 or 6 hole and have him crank some of those homers with runners on base. Corey has shown again and again that he has the slugger mentality, even when hitting leadoff. In that case drop him in the order and have Hairston, who has a better OBP anyway, bat leadoff. Speaking of Hairston, why the hell is he batting 8th?
  • The Mad Dog pitched a gem, giving up only three hits while striking out 10 in 6 and 2/3. It's always a thrill to see him pitch in person and he was finally given some good run support (not that he needed it).
  • Jason DuBois should play everyday. Period.
  • This was the Cubs' largest margin of victory since Opening Day at Arizona. 31 games in between blowout wins. Wow.
  • I heard Sammy Sosa got placed on the 15-day DL, right before his return to Chicago, so he'll be staying in Baltimore during the Orioles upcoming roadie. How convenient. I'm glad I fought off the urge to buy tickets to that Sox-O's series.
  • It took forever for Dusty to realize LaTroy Hawkinseca isn't a closer, but only one game to take him off the setup role. It's now long relief for him. Good move Duster.


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