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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

In the Army Now

This blog received a blurb and inclusion in the Cubs Blog Army , a site featuring links to various Cub-related blogs. My writeup looks like this:

Northside for Life
May 11, 2005

'Til death do us part has another meaning at this blog.

Northside for Life - Blue.
"Northside for Life contains the rantings and musings of yet another crazed Cubs fan who has never given up despite goats, Steve Bartman, and Kerry Wood's bum arm. Here I sit, waiting for the magical year when the Cubs take it all. In the meantime I'll write my impressions on the good, bad and ugly (bad and ugly being very prevalent with this team of late) aspects of Cubs baseball." - Blue

Northside for Life got started in April, but took a sabatical due to work, illness, and vacation. But, its proprietor is feeling better and has been updating regularly for the last week or so. "Blue" lives in the second city and has the opportunity to occasionally take in a game. His current post is a recap of last night's game which he attended. He has also posted about a few of the games he recently saw in Florida. Head on over and give it a good looking over.

Feels good to get some sort of feedback on what I write here (seeing as how all 3 of my regular readers do not bother to post comments. Maybe my writing sucks that much). One minor quibble though: I was never sick. Busy as hell yes, but never ill (except maybe mentally but that's a whole 'nother story). If you want to visit the CBA or any of the affiliated sites, just click on the links on the righthand side of the page. Check 'em out, as many of them are more insightful than some of the drivel I write here.


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