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Sunday, May 08, 2005


Yes I know the last post on this here blog was written on April 11. I don't think all 3 people (and I'm being generous) who read this thing actually cared. But I'm back and better than ever (not hard to do given my limited content so far).

There are various reasons for my absence, the two major ones being work and a weeklong Florida vacation. I also had to study for a final exam (grad school) and am in the begining stages of starting a business. That and all the other daily bullshit I deal with is why I hadn't really had time to post. That said, I have watched and/or listened to as many Cubs games as I could during that period of time, so I've done a good job of keeping up with the team. And during that time the team has mostly played like crap (including the 7 game losing streak I'll talk about later).

During my time away from this blog the Cubs have lost Todd Walker, Nomar, Woody, and Chad Fox. The last one pissed me off more than anything because it was clearly Dusty's fault. The man has Fox close out a game against the Pirates (my first game of the season by the way) and all things seem to indicate that Fox is the new closer. However, the next day in the paper I read about how Dusty won't be pitching Fox on back-to-back days to conserve his arm, seeing as how Fox has had a history of elbow problems and is coming off major surgery last year. Fair enough I say. So guess what Mr. Baker does the following night? He puts F0x in during the 9th inning with the Cubs up 10-3. Fox is completely flat, walking guys and then giving up a three run homer. Obviously the man has nothing and needs to be taken out. Nah, Dusty leaves him in there to get the final out even though the man is clearly laboring out there. I'm at home beside myself wondering what in the hell Dusty is thinking. Is he going to leave this guy in until A) the Reds tie the game at 10 or B) Fox throws his arm off. Of course we all know the answer is B as two pitches after this thought came into my head Fox blew out his elbow. Thanks a lot Dusty. Of course the Wood thing is just a kick to the groin (ours, not Nomar's) as well. We should just drop the pretenses and make this guy the closer. Seriously. Who else do the Cubs have anyway? Have Woody pitch one inning (or maybe even two) every few days. Come in there and just let 'er rip. I think we could actually hold on to a few of those 1-run leads. Granted Wood would have to get rid of the starter's mentality and cut down on the walks he tends to give up early in the game, but hey, this could be the key right here. What's that you say? We'd have to find someone to fill his spot in the rotation? Well we have to do that right now for the next 6 weeks, while he sits on the bench and shaves people's heads. At least as the closer he'd be of more use to the team than the DH (Designated Hairstylist. Yeah, I know that was lame).

Also during my M.I.A time I was able to sample some Devil Rays baseball. More about that in a later post. All I'm going to say is I'm glad I live in a city with a real MLB team (and I root for the Cubs, so that should tell you right there).

The White Sox have the best record in baseball. I love Ozzie and all, but where did that come from? And will it last? I kind of doubt it, but they don't seem to ever lose no matter what, so I'm starting to get some faith in that team. That and the sinking feeling that they're going to seriously kick the Cubs' ass in interleague play this year.


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