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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

No relief


What do I write today?

The Cubs lost 7-4 to the Mets last night in a game that ended around midnight after a couple of long rain delays. I had tickets for this game but sold them because I was kind of in a cash crunch. I'm glad I did. I tuned in about an hour after the game was supposed to start to see they were in a rain delay with the Mutts up 4-0. I guess Leicester didn't do too well. No surprise there, I couldn't see this guy as a starter. When I tuned back in a couple of hours later the game was in the bottom of the 5th, Cubs still down 4-0. They tied it in the 6th, the highlight being Barrett's towering 3-run homer. After that they once again crapped the bed.

LaTroy came in to pitch the 8th. After yesterday's rant about how he could only function as a setup guy, I was anxious to see him prove me right. With one out in the inning the asshole gives up a homer to Doug Meinkdrfhdsjkfvich (you know, the first baseman). Dusty says he's snakebit. I think it's time we started shopping him around to another team. I mean yeah, every pitcher is going to have a day where they get taken out of the park or they give up a couple of runs. It just seems like that's everyday for LaTroy.

However with the Cubs down 5-4 I don't give up hope. Braden Looper isn't exactly lights out. The Cubs strand another runner in the 8th so up comes the newly appointed closer, Dempster. In my rant yesterday I mentioned how Dempster should have been the closer from the start. Maybe he'll prove me right. Wrong. He gets killed by singles and igives up two runs. 7-4 Mets. As the second run of the inning crossed the plate I turned off the TV.

This team is not playing well. They're not getting blown out, which means the starting pitching has been decent. The bullpen sucks and the offense just isn't there. They're getting harder and harder to watch.


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