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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Baby Steps

For all the bitching and moaning Cub fans (myself included) have been doing lately over Corey "The Toolman" Patterson, he has been doing at least some things right. No he hasn't done much since requesting a move to the leadoff spot - hell, he hasn't done much all year outside of hitting an occasional solo homerum - but he did leadoff Saturday's game with a bunt single, eventually scoring on Aramis' grand slam. Sunday he hit a homer (yet another solo job but hey) to break the scoreless tie. And last night he made a great catch and throw for a double play in the eigth that saved the game. Of course, he struck out badly in the bottom of the inning (again), but steps.

Redemption? Not quite yet, but this helps.
According to Jim Hendry, the Toolman hasn't been shopped to other teams and probably won't be in the near future. So as much as he may infuriate and frustrate us fans, we're stuck with him. There are signs of improvement, but obviously he hasn't put it all together. I question whether or not he ever will get it together and be the great player we keep being told he's supposed to be. Some players have a ton of talent but it takes them years to figure out how to get the most out of that and elevate their game and their team to a higher level. The Toolman has been here for four years and most times it seems as though he's regressed. Maybe it'll be in a matter of days. Maybe weeks. Maybe in a couple of years. Maybe never. But I'll take the baby steps as long as it leads to a better player in the near future. If not, Felix Pie is almost ready. Let's see what he's got.


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