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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Good Times, Bad Karma

I returned home from Milwaukee at 3:00 AM, drunk and disapointed by another lopsided loss. I remember mentioning how the Cubs never got blown out during the slow start this year, now suddenly every loss seems like a blowout. Despite the outcome I still had a blast in Beertown. Here's a recap of my night at Miller:

Three of my work buddies, Marc, Jack, and Martin (names changed to protect the innocent) and myself piled into Marc's brand new 300C with a cooler full of beer and a mission to get to Miller Park before game time, no small feat considering we were driving from O'Hare to Milwaukee at rush hour. Riding in the 300C on a road trip reminded me of the Delta boys taking Flounder's brother's car for a night out in Animal House. Traffic, as could be expected, was hideous so it took us two and a half hours to get to Miller Park. By the time we arrived the game had already started, but there were still a few hundred cars rolling into the parking lot, the majority of them belonging to Cub fans. Then again, the vast majority of fans at the venue were wearing blue also.

Of course as soon as we had gotten in line to get into the parking lot, Jack and Martin started the trashtalking.


"This is Wrigley North"!

"Where's the ivy"?

"It ain't Wrigley but it'll do"!

"The Milwaukee Sewers"!

"When was the last time you guys had a sellout? Oh yeah, last time the Cubs were here!"

Of course all of this and more was said before we had even entered the stadium. Now those one-liners are pretty funny, but what's even funnier was Brewerfan's feeble attempts at a crackback. For instance, one of the parking attendants shot back with "when's the last time you guys made the World Series? 1945"?

Now hold up. Yes it's true the Cubs have a much-chronicled history of futility. Yeah yeah yeah, we all know how long its been since they won anything significant. But, when you're team has only made it to the postseason once in it's 34 year history and hasn't finished above .500 in a decade, you have no right to talk about how the Cubs "suck". They suck, eh? Look up in the standings. Oh yeah, it's the Cubs. Now I can take grief from Cardinals fans, Red Sox fans, Yankee fans, hell even Reds and Pirates fans whose team has had a history of winning but Brewerfan wants to talk about a shitty team? You want to talk about futility look no further than the 25-man collection of fecal matter that plays 81 times a year at Miller Park.

OK, rant over.

We got in the stadium during the bottom of the second and we stood around the bleacher section watching the action until the inning was over. Well it took a while. There were runners on first and third with no one out and you could see Big Z sweatin' from a mile away. After the first run scored we decided to find some seats. We eventually found a row of four in the first row of the upper deck on the third base side. From there we watched the carnage as Big Z imploded and gave up 8 runs, the dagger being Carlos Lee's three-run shot to left field that almost it a banner with his name on it. All this within 20 minutes of our arrival. That's the kind of karma you incur when you trash talk before a game. Down 8-0 we just drank, flirted with the cute college girls next to us and enjoyed the game for what it was worth. Wrigley North indeed.

Dusty pulls the Big Z after getting torched by the Brewers.

After the game mercifully ended, a 9-4 thumping, we went off in search of entertainment. There are no bars or restaurants near this stadium, but they do keep the Friday's restaurant open until midnight, including an outdoor patio with a live band (Boo! The Band. Yup, they suck). We saddled up to a table inside the park, overlooking left field -D. Lee hit a homer there a couple of nights ago - and discussed with the waitress the fact that when the roof is open, Miller Park looks like a giant vagina. We continued drinking until last call - and got the cute waitress to join us for a drink before leaving the park for the night. We then stumbled back to Marc's 300C and found our way back home. Oh yeah, in case you were wondering Marc was the designated driver.

All in all it was a good trip despite the outcome. It was the first time the Cubs had lost at a road game I attended. Gotta happen sometime I guess.


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