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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Quick Hits

Just a few points before tonight's border battle:

  • Congradulations to the Mad Dog for matching Tom Seaver in career victories with 311. Both pitchers have reached that mark in 20 seasons, altough one would think Mad Dog has a good year or two left in him. Also interesting that Seaver has more career K's than Greg, but Mad Dog's got more Cy Young Awards.
  • There is talk about Mark Prior coming back as soon as this Sunday. I'm not sure whether I should be happy or concerned about that bit of news. On the one hand, the rotation needs him badly but on the other hand doesn't it seem a tad soon for him to be coming back from an elbow fracture (however small it was)? I know the Cubs, Prior, and Prior's dad (yeah, his dad) have always taken their time coming back from they variety of injuries he has suffered, but seriously, he's only missing a month from an injury that originally looked season-ending? If so, then more power to him. But I'd rather have Prior back at 100%, be it this Sunday or in August.
  • Nice 5-out save from Dempster last night. I've become convinced he's the answer at the closer position, at least for the time being.
  • Nice play by Neifi! on the 8th inning double play. It even made BBTN's Web Gems. He also got a couple of hits. Good to see him contributing after a rough couple of weeks.
  • Derrek Lee is just ridiculous. Did I mention that yet?
  • A trade for Preston Wilson? I'll echo the sentiments of every other Cubs blogger out there: "Oh God NO"
  • Trade away the Toolman? Yes please. And why the hell is his mug included with D. Lee, Aramis and Barret on> All-Star photo montage? He has absolutely no business being considered for the All-Star game.
  • Jerome Williams makes his Cub debut tonight. It'll be interesting to see if he's regained the form he had in his first go-around with the Giants, before his injury and personal problems took over and made him expendable for LaTroy (yikes!). Apparently the organization would have liked him to stay in Iowa for a little while longer but they need help now. Good luck Jerome.


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