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Monday, June 13, 2005

Reel Big Fish

As a devoted fan of a team, one would typically have a distaste, loathing, or downright hatred of another team or teams. The typical Cub fan professes a dislike for the Cardinals and White Sox, natural geographical rivals. Me, personally I can't stand the Cardinals and not just because I'm a Cub fan. Something about that team has always bothered me. I don't know if it's their uniforms with the stupid birds sitting on a bat, or their ugly stadium (which is meeting the wrecking ball after this year thank God) or the 50,000 yokels dressed in red that fill their stadium. I just don't like them. I don't mind the White Sox. I'll go to a few of their games, mostly because it's cheaper than Wrigley and I get to see AL teams you normally wouldn't catch on the Northside. I do dislike White Sox fans who seem to care more about what the Cubs are doing or how much attention they get rather than the fortunes of their own team. I also dislike the Padres for the obvious reason: 1984. I still remember them celebrating the 20th anniversary of that season last year by playing a game in the throwback Burger King uniforms they wore in 1984. That game just happened to be against the Cubs. Assholes. I'm glad the Cubs beat them that day and swept the series. What kind of name is Padres anyway?

And there is one other team that I have a serious distaste for. The Florida Marlins. For the same reason as the Padres. They somehow came back to beat the Cubs in an NLCS. And 2003 was a much bigger collapse than '84, including one of the ultimate stomach punch games, Game 6. Well, the Marlins are in town tonight for the start of a three game set with the Cubs. It doesn't look too good for the Cubs as far as pitching matchups go. The Fish bring out their three big guns, Dontrelle, Beckett, and Burnett. Meanwhile the Cubs counter with two younguns, Koronka and Mitre, and the old man Mad Dog. But if we've learned anything about this year's team, it's that they tend to win when it looks gloomy on paper. Mitre beat Halladay last week. Koronka beat Lowe. The Marlins have been underachieving somewhat lately so now's probably the best time to take them on if you're the Cubs. Another 2-1 series win would be nice going into the Yankee series. Let's go!

Grill the Marlins!


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