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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

What'chu talkin' bout Willis?

In the past the Cubs have had great success hitting former prospect Dontrelle Willis. Last night he came back and essentially stuck it to the Cubs, both on the mound and with the bat. And to think we traded this guy for the biggest disaster after the great Chicago fire, Antonio Alfonseca. At least we got Matt Clement out of the deal. He's doing great this year. For the Red Sox. I guess he needed to be on a team that actually scores some runs for him.


Imagine this guy in a Cub uniform. Oh wait...

At least Woody's on the way back. Three innings of work, but no curveballs and the fastball was barely making it into the '90's. A work in progress for sure.

At least we got him in a Cubs uniform, only
it's in the wrong city.
Oh well. We'll get 'em today.


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