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Monday, November 14, 2005


I'm pretty sure no one is reading this page at this point, but I decided to post this in case someone happens to stop by (I have better odds of winning the $310 million lottery jackpot but hey...).

Anyway, I stopped writing here for a while for three reasons. The first is the obligatory work and homelife is crazy. The second is the almost equally ubiquitous grad school excuse (I'm working on my MBA). The third is, that in the limited amount of free time allowed by the previous two excuses, I just didn't have the motivation to write about a frustratingly mediocre team.

However, I have a new focus with this blog. First came the name change. It will no longer be titled Northside for Life but rather Cubbie Blue Kool Aid. The name change is due to the fact that I'll be taking this blog in a somewhat different direction. Of course it will be still about the Cubs (and other stuff), but I'll actually be A) writing regularly for a change, and B) trying my best to give a bit of a different perspective from that offered at the 857 other Cub blogs on the internet. There will be analysis, there will be humor, there will be linking to stuff other people wrote (it's still a blog after all and that's what bloggers do). There will be ripping on Jay Mariotti because we all know how much fun that is. There will be praise. There will be criticism. There will be calls for Corey Patterson to be traded. Pleas will be made for White Sox fans to love their own team more than they hate the Cubs. Basically, I will try to make this blog as entertaining as possible.

That said, I'm turning on the juvenation machine right now.


  • nice with the "pleas made to white sox fans to love their own team more than they hate the cubs"!

    look forward to future posts

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at November 14, 2005 3:57 PM  

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