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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Quick Hits

-Daaaaaa Bears!

-As you all know, the Cubs addressed their middle relief issues by signing Scott Eyre (formerly of the Giants) and Bobby Howry (formerly of the Indians) to big money deals. Some feel that the Cubbies may have overpaid for these two, particularly Eyre. If you agree, I'd like to point out the Blue Jays signing BJ Ryan to $47 million over 5 years. I know closers are a scarce comodity nowadays but damn! That is easily the most expensive BJ ever. Barump bump bump!

-Speaking of overpaid closers, the Mets locked up Billy Wagner for $43 mil. I think Wagner's expiration date was 2 years ago.

-The Trib is reporting that the Cubs are expecting an answer from Furcal by the end of the winter meetings next week. Apparently it's between them and the Braves. Furcal is seeking big money, a team with a shot at winning, and a place where he feels comfortable. Well the Cubs have a good bit of money to spend, they're close to fielding a true contender, and Wrigley is surrounded by bars in case Rafa gets thirsty. It's a match made in heaven if you ask me.

-The Cubs have released ticket prices for the upcoming season. Needless to say they're pretty ridiculous but still not the most expensive tickets in the Majors.

-Does it seem odd to anyone else that ESPN hasn't really said a whole lot about Michael Irvin being found with a crack pipe in his car? According to Irvin, he was just trying to hide it from a friend of his who is fresh off of rehab. Maybe if that friend was T.O. we might be hearing more about it.

-And in other news, Ronald MacDonald was charged with stealing from Wendy's. The Hambugler was unavailable for comment.


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