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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Got Pierre? Oui.

Well, the offseason is looking a little brighter now that Hendry has pulled the trigger on a deal for Juan Pierre. Not a bad trade considering what was given up: Sergio Mitre, Ricky Nolasco, and Renyel Pinto. All 3 are highly regarded prospects, but you gotta give something up to get something in return. Mitre showed flashes of brillance last season (back-to-back shutouts of the Blue Jays and Marlins) but I'm not sold on him, especially after he fell off the planet late in the season. Best to trade him now while his stock is still somewhat decent. Nolasco and Pinto are still a year away from coming up to the show. Either one of these cats could pull a Dontrelle and set the league on fire with the Marlins, but I can live with that if Pierre can replicate his 2002 though 2004 performance. Don't be put off by his dismal numbers last year. This guy is still young and has some talent. He's exactly what the Cubs have needed since the 2003 season ended: a prototypical table setter. So now Pierre will get to play his home games at Wrigley, where the fans will no doubt show him love. I just hope he doesn't serenade them with his lame-ass rapping.

So what's next? There's talk about Lugo and Huff, as well Soriano, Mench, Kearns, and even Zito's names being bandied about. Let's see what else Hendry can come up with this week. But locking up Pierre goes a long way towards erasing the sting caused by losing Furcal to the Bums.


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