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Friday, December 16, 2005

Random Thoughts

Some random thoughts on a frigid Monday:

  • Does anyone else realize the official start of winter is still 2 days away? What's up with these single digit temps and all this snow? I just found my testes in the office parking lot after a frantic search. Apparently they froze off. That's how cold it is. That said, I can still take the cold better than that pussy Mike Patrick*.
  • Da Bearssss!!! Very nice win over Michael Vick (and the Falcons) last night. Urlacher was his usual self, the defense kept Vick and Falcon running game in check, and the banged-up secondary stepped up big. How about that hit Mike Green put on Jenkins to force that INT (and subsequent Jim Mora Jr. meltdown)? Jenkins was absolutely blown up. But of course the big story was Lovie's QB change after halftime, bringing in Rex Grossman after Orton stunk up the joint in the first half (2-10 12 yds.). You could see the energy level in the stadium rise up when Rex jogged on the field. He followed up the standing O from the crowd by driving the Bears to the goal line and cashing in on a fumbled INT by the Falcons to put the Bears up by 10. Overall Rex looked pretty good. Sharp, decisive throws, and just a general swagger about him that had been missing at the QB position. We still have to give props to Mr. Orton. He didn't exactly carry the Bears to a 9-4 record, but he did well enough not to screw it all up. You can't ask much more from a rook. People tend to forget this kid is merely a rookie. The fact that the Bears were 9-4 with him under center every Sunday is pretty amazing. But he's not the guy that's going to take the Bears to the next level. Frankly I don't know if Grossman is either, but I feel much better having him under center come playoff time. If he can provide some offensive spark and give the Bears some semblance of a passing game, we can truly start talking Super Bowl in this city.
  • Did anyone else notice the little "pizza place" montage they had on at one point coming in from commercial? It led to Mike Patrick saying something along the lines of "MMM, Chicago deep dish pizza. Send a couple our way" even though the pizza shown was clearly a thin crust. Idiot. And what is it with these stupid montages? Do they always have to show a pizza (or hot dog) place in Chicago? Geno's Cheesteaks in Philly? Fisherman's Wharf in San Fran? 8 Mile in Detroit? Someone make it stop.
  • And speaking of ESPN Sunday Night Football, this was the first full game I've watched on the network this season. There's 3 reasons for that: 1) The match-up sucks, 2) My girlfriend will start bitching about me watching football for an entire Sunday (she's not completely conditioned yet) and most importantly 3) The ESPN Sunday Night crew is quite possibly the worst team of commentators in the history of televised sport. These guys (and girl) are simply brutal. It was bad enough watching Kyle Orton do his best Jonathan Quinn impression without having to listen to these clowns. I wonder if the military forces the Gitmo prisoners to sit and watch these games with audio at full blast. That is pure torture. I know I'd much rather have a bag on my head, be stripped naked and forced to take pictures with that retarded Army chick than sit though 3 hours of Patrick, Theisman, McGuire, and Kolber. Thank God they're breaking them up after this year.
  • The Colts finally lost. And we can stop hearing the talking heads debate whether Tony Dungy should sit his starters or go for the perfect season. Regardless they're still going to win the Super Bowl anyway.
  • Staying on the football theme, I'm sure you all heard about that NAACP peterhead who came out and called Donovan McNabb a sell out among other things. What the hell? It's one thing for McNabb to get bashed by some blowhard, conservative, white football analyst, but now he's being slammed by a man of his own race- a race relations "leader" no less? And then people wonder why black people can't get ahead in this world. It's because whenever a black person becomes succesful and gets away from the black stereotype - in this case playing style of all things - some asshole has to come in and try to tear them down rather than support their progress. I mean seriously, McNabb is a star. He's getting paid and defining himself in a position that is open to racial debate (which is ridiculous in itself). Why not let the man continue to make strides in erasing the whole "black quarterback" thing? In not other sport is race even mentioned in the context of what position a person is playing. How is it a good idea to call him an Uncle Tom and suggest he share his money with some loudmouthed idiot who talked himself off the team? Like it's his fault Jeff Lurie is too cheap to pay his other star players. Let the man be.
  • And by the way, isn't it time for the NAACP to change its name? Last I checked, we stopped publicly calling people "colored" about 40 years ago.
  • Nomar is a Dodger. I wish him well, as he was one of my favorite players on the Cubs. I have refused to join the "Crap on Hendry" campaign, but you mean to tell me that it's ok to give Neifi Perez a 2 year deal but you couldn't at least offer Nomar another incentive-laden 1 year contract? When you don't have a proven SS and you don't seem to be able to get one on the open market? What sense does that make? I realize Nomar may well be damaged goods, but why not take the chance? The Dodgers are. And oh, they got Furcal too. I don't get it.
  • Cuba gets banned from the World Baseball Classic by the US government. Of course this looks like the work of the very vocal, very annoying South Florida Cuban faction. You know, the same folks who brought us the Elian Gonzalez mess. They'll do anything to spite Fidel Castro, including disrupting the anticipated world championships. Yes, Fidel is a prick but people this is baseball. Why let your political agendas ruin one of the more intriguing storylines in this tournament? Funny how they didn't make a big deal about the Cuban team playing the Orioles a few years back on U.S. soil (Baltimore). But the WBC is a marquee sports event. What bigger stage to further your anti-Castro agenda, and at the same time put a damper on a very cool event. Thanks a lot guys.
  • It's been mighty quiet on the free agent/trade front for the Cubs. Meanwhile the Sox keep getting better....
  • Why do I have a funny feeling that this Miguel Tejada stuff is going to blow over and he'll still be with the Orioles? Jose Vidro may be a more realistic option. I could live with him at 2B or possibly SS.
  • Has anyone heard the Albert Pujols radio ad for the WBC? Someone should take away his valium.
  • One guy not doing WBC ads: A-Rod. Listen, dude you can't please all of the people all of the time. You being the overpaid, pretty boy that you are, somebody is going to bash you for choosing to play for either the U.S. or the D.R. You could have kept it real and played for the monster D.R. squad or played for the country you've lived all your life in and played for the U.S. But no, you chose "Non of the above" to appease Madison Ave. Apparently $25 million a year doesn't buy you a good set of cojones. It's too bad, since most real baseball fans already don't respect you. By staying on the fence and not choosing sides, you gave them even more reason to dislike you when you were merely trying not to step on anyone's toes.

*Mike Patrick repeatedly bitched about how cold it was last night, going so far as to wear a blanket and Broncos ski cap during the game. Suzy Kolber was out on the sideline and is a woman, bitched about the cold far less than Patrick did. For more Patrick bashing, go here: Fire Mike Patrick


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