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Monday, December 05, 2005

Time for a change at QB?

Nice win for the Bears yesterday. Nothing beats watching Brett Favre get his ass pummeled into the ground repeatedly on a Sunday afternoon. Yet even though the Bears have won 8 straight, are pretty much a lock for the playoffs, and might even have a first round bye, their offense has been tough to watch these last few weeks. For all the hype and national media love Kyle Orton has been getting, his game seems to have been going backwards these last few weeks. Having poise and good pocket presence will only get you so far. At some point he's going to have to stop "managing" the game and start making plays. Start putting the ball where his receivers can catch it. Develop a good sense of timing with his number 1 wideout Muhammed. The kid needs to move on to the next level because the Bears can't keep counting on the defense smothering the opposition and scoring a touchdown or two while Robbie Gould adds a couple of field goals for good measure. At some point -soon- this Bears offense will have to start scoring some points to compliment the defense or they'll be one and done come January.

That being said, maybe it's time to bring Rex Grossman into the fold. When the subject of sitting Orton first came up a few weeks ago, I was 100% against the idea. Orton was winning games (OK the defense and the running game were winning the games. Orton was just there. But still...) and there was no need to mess up whatever rythm the offense had in favor of a rusty QB who really hasn't proven anything in the NFL yet. I mean, hell, Orton has started more games this season alone than Rex has in his 3 year career! But watching the Bears offense revert to its old, inept form these past few weeks has changed my perspective. Why not start Rex? He might bring some spark to the passing game and I feel a tad better about having him at QB if the Bears are down than having Orton throw passes behind his receivers for three straight downs and hoping Nate Vasher can run back another INT for a TD. However it's going to take a Bears loss coupled with a crappy performance from Orton to force Lovie's hand. Hopefully he'll make the change before its too late.


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