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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Miller Time

As most of you know, Wade Miller has signed with the Cubs, a one year $1 million contract. Miller is this year's Hendry Reclamation Project. Every year Hendry goes bargain bin shopping for a pitcher coming off major surgery. If you recall he signed Dempster in '04 right after he was coming off shoulder surgery. He's had others who haven't fared succesfully (Mike Sirotka) did ok until Dusty made them blow their arm out (Chad Fox) or its too early to tell (Scott Willamson).

I like this move by Hendry though. Miller is a proven pitcher who had some great years with the Astros. Once he comes back -May at the earliest- he can help out in the pen or maybe even fill a spot in the rotation. If he bombs out, well no biggie since he was a cheap pick-up. If he does well, it'll be a great boost to the pitching staff and could lead to Hendry trading one of the youngsters (Williams, Hill or someone else) for some help elsewhere.

Either way a pretty decent pick up.


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