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Friday, January 20, 2006

Swilling the Blue Kool Aid

Yes my dear readers (all 3 of you) I'm still around. Lately I've just been too occupied with work, family stuff, grad school and my crack habit* to actually post stuff on here. By the time I get some time to sit down and post on a news item or something going on in the wide wide world of sports it's old news and/or it's been done to death elsewhere.

I mean really, would you care to read the 1,365,987th post about the supposed Prior-Tejada deal? What more could I possibly add to that anyway?

I was going to do a write-up on how the Bears' "vaunted" D failed to show up for the game last Sunday but I woke up with a nasty migraine the next day and by the time the pain subsided I just really didn't feel like writing about it anymore. And I mean really, would you care to read about that? Didn't think so....

But fear not dear readers. I have a semi-interesting post for you guys today. Not to mention I've got a few ideas for more moderately interesting posts in the near future. I just noticed this blog is still in the "newbie" category among Cubs Blog Army sites, even though I started it last April. Then again I kinda quit posting during the middle of last summer, so that's probably the reason why I'm still in the newbie pool which is only fair. It's better than being in the "Retired/Rarely Updated" pool. But looking at the other newbie blogs I notice that some are either closed or folks quit posting last July. So it's time to move up in the world, like for instance "Regularly Updated". But for that I'd have to actually update regularly, right? I'm sure it'll help me increase my readership to at least 6 readers. We can only hope.

That said, I've gotten a couple of questions about the new title of the blog. Apparently it gives the impression that I'm one of those "lemming" type fans that continue to go to Wrigley no matter what, never find fault with anything management does, and has the whole sunny/ lovable-loser/wait'll next year attitude about them. Apparently those who are eternal optimists are part of the Cub Nation "cult" that "swills the blue Kool Aid." The jaded, somewhat bitter Cub fans point to good folks such as Al Yellon at BCB (the Jim Jones of this cult given how some folks talk about him) as "pollyannas" and crayon eaters and whathaveyou. Needless to say, I find this highly amusing.

So am I one of these people? Is this site a homage to Hendry, Dusty, and all things Cubdom? Am I going to pick the Cubs to win the World Series every year?

The answer is no, no, and no.

I love the Cubs but I have issues with the direction this team has taken since 2003. But that's another story for another day.

The way I see it, every serious sports fan has in a way drank the Kool-Aid at some point in their lives. It doesn't matter if you're Ronnie Woo Woo or Chuck** you have drank the Kool Aid. When you invest a good deal of your time, money and emotion into a sports franchise, when you're buying all the gear, going to games, watching them on TV, or at least following their progress throughout the season, you have drank the Kool Aid. When you deck out your house in Cubs memorabilia or you have a Cub-related blog, you have drank the Kool Aid. You may be down on the team now, but you got hooked on them once and there was no turning back.

To me drinking the Kool Aid goes beyond whether you think Dusty is a great manager or you can't wait 'till he gets fired. It doesn't matter if you're overly optimistic about this team's chances in 2006 or you refuse to accept any more of the bullshit emanating from Clark and Addison, the fact that you follow this team closely and consider yourself a devoted fan means you've drank the Kool Aid.

At least to me it does.

Because really, if you hated the Cubs that much, there's a team on the South Side that plays ball too. I think they just won the World Series too. You could go root for them if you want. Granted you'll join the largest legion of mulleted morons this side of St. Louis but at least their management does whatever it takes to win. But I digress.

Still here? Can't pull yourself away from the Cubs can you? How else to explain the large following of a team that hasn't won a championship in damn near a century? A team known around the world for losing. Yet they have one of the largest fan bases in MLB and we all come back year after year. It's either because you grew up in a family of Cub fans, you grew up watching them on WGN and fell in love, or you just like rooting for historically shitty teams so you could bask in the sweet afterglow of victory once they won it all (like some people who rooted for the Red Sox until 2004 and then jumped ship to the Cubs who are now the cursed team du jour for them). Or you're just a masochist. Or you're one of the Wrigleyville poseurs who enjoys going to Wrigley because it's the biggest and best bar in Wrigleyville and they just happen to play baseball games there. No matter who you are, at some point you drank the proverbial Kool Aid and there was no turning back.

Cub fan for life. For better or worse. Mostly worse.

So that's what this site is all about. The Cubbie Blue Kool Aid is about being a fan no matter what. I'll have a more positive outlook than some of the other writers out there, but I won't be sugar coating anything either. It's just a blog about the Cubs from yet another fan who fancies himself to be a writer. So read on. Feel free to take a sip of the Kool Aid. This one is spiked for your enjoyment.

*I don't really do crack. Anymore. Crack is whack.
**I don't mean to pile on Chuck at Ivychat, I was just using him as an example of the jaded Cub fan. I actually enjoy reading his posts and it's one of the few Cub blogs I read regularly. Someday I'll make a list of my favorites. Not that you'd care or anything.


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