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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Prior Watch - Day 1

It's not spring unless there's rumors about Mark Prior's health. According to this BP article Prior is rumored to be having shoulder problems, corroborating an "insider" report made on 1060west back in January. Needless to say this rumor, coupled with Prior doing nothing more than towel drills and looking "weak and sick" during the first couple of days in Mesa, has incited a Category 3 shitstorm among the online Cub fan community. This response is somewhat justified given the Cub organization's handling of Prior's health status in the past. Discerning Cub fans everywhere are calling bullshit on the team's claims that Prior was seriously ill over the winter, setting back his offseason workouts to the point where his spring training work is behind schedule. Thus we see him throwing a towel rather than a baseball.

Conspiracy theories abound, the most popular being that the true extent of Prior's injury won't be revealed until after tickets go on sale this Friday. Although the corporate greed of the Tribune knows little bounds, I highly doubt this to be the case. I'm willing to bet that even if Prior really was hurt, there would still be a mass of people lined up along Waveland Ave. trying to get wristbands and the phonelines and will be swamped Friday morning.

Personally I'm not jumping on the conspiracy bandwagon just yet. Spring training just started and there's a chance this is nothing more than the usual kid glove treatment Prior gets. I'm going to give the team the benefit of the doubt here. If by the end of the week Prior isn't throwing off a mound, then it'll be time to start worrying.

In the meantime Northside For Life will have its own insider, Manny the HoHoKam Hot Dog Vendor, keeping an eye on anything and everything going on with Mark Prior. Any updates on the condition of Prior's shoulder as well as his towel throwing sessions will be dissemnated here. Few other blogs offer this kind of access. And it's all free.


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