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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Prior Watch - Day 2

Northside For Life's continuing coverage of this year's Mark Prior spring training saga:

Yesterday Prior issued his second denial in a week, stating that his arm is feeling fine and that he'll begin throwing off a mound on Thursday. According to him, "It's a process to get ready for the season. It's not just show up and go to work." For the past couple of years Cubs pitching coach Larry Rothschild has maintained that Prior is on a different, more deliberate training schedule than the rest of the Cubs pitching staff to slowly work his arm into shape. So apparently getting Prior's arm into pitching form is akin to starting a '71 Dodge Charger on a 10 degree day after its been sitting out all night in the cold. In other words, it'll be a while. Grab your Snickers bar and sit down.

Getting Mark into shape is a process damnit! Or so they keep telling us. We'll just have to wait until he actually takes the mound on Thursday and makes some pitches. Then wait with baited breath as Rothschild, Hendry, Prior and maybe Baker tell us that he's feeling good. Then maybe we can call off this year's Prior Watch.

In the meantime, Prior seems to be getting kinda annoyed with all the attention him and his golden right arm have gotten during his time in Chicago:

"Everybody wants to find something wrong. ... I'm not going to sit here and defend or validate anything. There have been a lot of rumors in my career. There's really not much I can say about it. That's people's opinions."


''I think McNabb said it best, some people like you, some people don't like you and for whatever reason, a lot of those people have voices."

That's what happens when you're hearlded as the Cubs' "Pitching Jesus" only to continuosly have problems. When that happens people are inevitably going to talk, Mark. You're just going to have put on your big boy pants and deal with it.

In the meantime Northside For Life will keep you posted anything and everything Prior. The man on the inside, Manny the Hot Dog Vendor, hasn't had anything new to report, but rest assured he'll be keeping his eyes and ears open. Well after he's done dumping out the hot dog water anyway.


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