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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Stiff Brees

Its kind of odd to see an NFL post when spring training is just getting underway but I just couldn't let this one go.

The San Diego Chargers are letting QB Drew Brees test the free agent waters. And of course, fans and radio talk-show hosts in Chicago are clamoring for the Bears to go out of their way to sign him. Given that the Bears designated QB of the future Rex Grossman can't seem to play more than 3 games a year, this would seem like a good idea. However:

1) Brees is coming off shoulder surgery after separating it while doing his best Plasticman impression in the season finale.
2) The Bears are likely going to have him compete for the starting job with Rex Grossman. Why would he agree to that when he could sign with a variety of teams that need a starting QB and would garauntee a starting spot (like the Jets, Dolphins, Saints, Raiders, Bills, and Lions to name a few).
3) The Bears could better use that money to cover other more pressing needs, like another WR, a TE, or maybe adding depth to their cornerback position.

Talk about Brees all you want folks, the Bears aren't getting him. Nor should they even bother.


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